Monday, February 9, 2009

It's just another.......

 Monday mornings are always hard in this house but today was even tougher. I woke up at 6 even though I didn't want to. I went in Foo-Foo's room woke her up. I thought I did. 6:10 I went in again and "woke" her up. 6:18 "woke" her up for good this time. She just could not get moving. 6:22 I heard Bubby talking in his crib. I can't wake the 13 year old up and I can't get the 20 month old to sleep. What is up with that?We barely made the bus today. I didn't get much done this morning with Bubby getting up so early.  I am blaming the nice weekend we had. Yesterday got up to 60 degrees. Now some people say it was warmer than that,I disagree. You factor in that wind and it was chilly. We just hung around the house and pretty much did nothing. Well I did nothing. Hubby washed cars and took down our Christmas lights. How embarrassing is that? We still had our lights up. We had kids in and out. At one point we had 4 extra kids. An old friend we haven't seen in ages stopped in. Oh it was a lazy SPRING Sunday. Oh silly me. It is still Winter. A girl can dream,right?

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