Saturday, February 7, 2009

Got Red?

Is he too young to have a favorite color? Every morning Bubby and I have the same discussion. He is in his crib watching me pick out his clothes for the day. The problem starts as soon as I open his pants drawer. He starts whining and pointing. After two days of this I decided to pull everyone of his pants out until he stopped crying. He stopped when the red sweatpants came out. The next day I did it again and again he stopped as soon as he saw those same red sweatpants. At first I thought it was those sweatpants. Nope. I took out red fleece sweat pants and he stopped. I think it is the color red. Two weeks ago I bought some clothes at the Children's Place. They were/or having a great on line sale. (You might want to check it out.) It just so happens I bought a lot of red clothes without realizing it. Thank goodness. I guess I have to start looking around for summer/spring clothes in red.

*My favorite color is also red. According to my Mom and Grandmother it has been since I was 2 and 1/2. 

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