Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wordless Wed~The last few days of summer

As we wrap up the end of summer activities and get ready for school to start again, let's take the time to enjoy the summer sky. Anyone else dreading the return of school schedules? Seriously the worst part of back to school time.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

A new travel favorite..........

When Influenster sent me the Cutex nail polish remover pads to try, I admit I was skeptical. I have tried nail polish remover pads in the past and well hated them. The other brand who shall remain nameless,barely budged the polish off my nails.

The first difference I noticed between these and the other ones I tried was the smell. I have not had removers that smelled this good before! I guessing its the botanical oils Cutex puts in them. The second difference? The remover pads are actually felt.
My thumb nail is the first nail I did. One swipe and my polish was off. That easy!
This is after using the remover pad on my whole hand.
This is after using the same remover pad on all my nails. Not too shabby! If you take notice you will see I only used half of the Cutex pad. Impressive!

Overall thoughts? I loved them! I'm extremely picky about nail polish remover in general but I was impressed with these. The package says one pad will remover polish from all 20 nails and it did. The smell was very pleasant. I loved the fact that the pads were felt. They seemed stronger than the average remover pad. I think these are going to be perfect for upcoming travel trips I have planned.

Overall grade: A
*Influenster sent me a free box of goodies. I did not get paid to review them. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

All and all I really enjoyed my Goddess Voxbox! If anyone is interested in more info I will leave my referral code below.
Influenster referral code~

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Can we talk pads?

Last month Influenster sent me a Goddess Voxbox that contained Always radiant pads with flex foam to try. I have used Always radiant pads before. I am a fan of the line and decided to tell you my thoughts on them.

I love how colorful the pad liners look when you open the box. Isn't it pretty?!?
Seriously is that not a cute package liner? Let's face it when it's that time of month, I need something cheerful. Heavy flow and massive cramps does not make me a happy camper. :)
I have found the Always radiant line to not be bulky pads. But don't let that fool you. These pads can hold a lot. *TMI alert* I am an extremely heavy flow kind of gal. Sometimes it looks like a crime scene. Yes. That bad. I have found the Always pads able to handle me.

They do come with wings. They are also scented. It is a very light scent.
Now my thoughts about them. Always pads really do work on keeping me leak proof. I try not to go more than 5 hours overnight with the same pad so I can't say if you can go longer than that. The sample I was sent were the regular size. I wish they were a bit longer. I usually go with heavy or overnighter pads for the length. I can't use regular during the first half of my period. The other thing I would change would be making them scent free. I'm not a fan of scented hygiene products but that's just me. Overall, I did like the Always radiant pads and would purchase them.

Overall grade: B

*Influenster sent me a free box of goodies. I did not get paid to review them. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

All and all I really enjoyed my Goddess Voxbox! If anyone is interested in more info I will leave my referral code below.
Influenster referral code~

Monday, August 1, 2016

Influenster Goddess Voxbox

Last month I was lucky to recieve a Goddess Voxbox from Influenster. I had no clue I was in the running for one until I recieved an email from Influenster saying it was on the way. When the box arrived I did not know what goodies it contained. I didn't watch any spoiler videos because I love to be surprised on what the box has in it. Sometimes it does vary on items per Influenster. Ready for a look?!?!

It honestly contained products I would have picked out for myself. Some of the products I have used before and a few I have not. The first thing I noticed were the Downy fresh protect. I have used unstoppables before so I'm not sure what the difference is between the two. I am excited to give these a try. I love love fresh smelling laundry. I mean who doesn't? Right?

The next thing was Cutex nail polish remover pads. I have tried other brands before but have not worked out for me. (I was able to try these before I post this and let's just say, they work wonders! One pad removed polish off all my nails. Woo Hoo!)

Pantene Expert was my shampoo and conditioner that I received. I have used this product line before. Those who know me, know I have used Pantene products back in high school. And that's a mighty long time! :)

I also received Always Radiant pads with Flex Foam. This is another brand I have previously used before. There will be a review on this later.

The next product I got was Dickinson witch hazel toner. Which was alcohol free!  I have never used this before and was curious to try it. I have found most toners dry or burn my skin. This one did not! I will be buying this one when I run out.

One of my favorite things I got was a SinfulColors nail polish. It was a porcelain matte in the shade Glazy Sunday. I'm not much of a matte kind of gal but I did like this one. The shade was a light purple/pink hue. I was impressed it lasted a few days before chipping.

The last thing in my box was a code for Ebates. Ebates is where you can shop online and earn cash back. I was already signed up for ebates before recieving this box. If anyone is interested in Ebates I will leave my referral code below. Ebates link~

All and all I really enjoyed my Goddess Voxbox! If anyone is interested in more info I will leave my referral code below.
Influenster referral code~

*Influenster sent me a free box of goodies. I did not get paid to review them. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Dear cold/allergies/sinus infection,
You have invaded our home for the last two weeks. Some days the migraines you have brought have made us unable to function. Lasting for days and days. It is now time for you to visit others. Please leave. Nuff said....

Signed one tired Mom........

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Monday, November 11, 2013

Some gave all.......

Happy Veterans Day to our millions of military personal. Past and present. The sacrifices that you make as well as the family you leave behind, are ones us civilians will never fully comprehend. There are not enough words to thank you. You deserve more than you sometimes receive.

I pray where ever you go today that you are treated like the Hero you deserve to be treated as.

Thank You!

Sunday, November 10, 2013


I think as Moms we forget to take the time out to do something fun just for us. It doesn't have to be anything grand. It could just be enjoying a cup of coffee by yourself or with friends. Or maybe just getting your nails done. A small activity to recharge your batteries. Yesterday I had a rare chance to hang out with some great friends. Our county was sponsoring a tour of local shops in the area to visit. The shops would offer special deals and sometimes games to play. Snacks and beverages completed the tour. While we girls all had a rare opportunity to get out,our locals shops got our business. Win. Win. To me the best part of the tour was checking out new places many of which I have never heard about. We all spent the day laughing and talking about making this an annual event. Although the tour was designed to help local businesses it was us it helped more.

Reconnect. Recharge.